Product Portfolio.

Over the years, we've crafted products with equal fervor. Now they are even available under one integrated suite, that can put a business completely on the cloud. Unlike our competitors, who periodically wake up to discover gaping product holes that they must now fill urgently with acquisitions to reassure their shareholders, we craft our portfolio with patience and anticipation


A digitized visitor management system to modernize reception, streamline visitor check-in and check-out, improve security and creating pleasing impression. A stylized kiosk welcomes your guest and makes hassle free entry and exit.

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  • Self Check-In/Check-Out
  • Let your walk in visitor check-in/check-out
    at your corporate branded kiosk.

  • Pre-Invitation
  • Host to send pre-invitation to visitors for
    quick QR code check-in

  • Authorization

  • Authorize visitor at every check-in and check-in
    with welcome message

  • Multitenant & Multilingual

  • Manage multitenant at a single window
    and multilingual support


A Perfect solution to make living in a compound pleasant and convenient experience, A mobile app that helps secure your compound at the touch of screen, This app has many features and thoughtful additions for a hassle free compound management and maintenance experience

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  • Quick & Authorized Visitor Entry

  • Authorize instantly or invite guests by pre-invitation for quick and smooth entry.

  • Maintenance Services

  • Create request with photo proof and serve tenant’s request on priority

  • Facility Booking

  • Allow you tenants to book your facilities in advance and receive payment

  • Ease of Communication

  • Any communication can be made to all tenants, Individual or polling option


Simple and powerful institutional software brings management, teachers and parents together to build better education and talents, it integrates every aspects of students starting from admission to graduation, our product has proved that it can reduce 60% of paper work and 40% of man power resources.

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  • Cloud Based System

  • Cloud based online software designed for today’s modern school.

  • Secured & User Friendly

  • Highly secured centralized system and user-friendly design for all levels of people in the school

  • Fast & Efficiency

  • Achieving greater efficiency for fast data operations

  • Customization

  • The base software is designed to accommodate high level and complete customization